Improvement in technology today has resulted in the evolution of different kinds of router tables which ensure precision in woodwork. If you are a woodworker and you require the best router table for the work, it is important that you know all kinds of router tables available on the market. There are basically three types of router tables each having its own features. Knowing these router tables will help you to make an informed decision when it is time for you to purchase a new router table. Below are the three types of router tables and their features.

Benchtop router table

The benchtop router table which has become very popular because of its versatility is one of the most widely used and leading router tables today. Different types of routers can also be mounted on the benchtop router table. Different leading brands such as Kreg, Bench Dog and Bosch have its models of benchtop router. The remarkable and distinguishing feature of Benchtop router is the large workplace it offers users for woodworking and routing. It comes with two out feed shims, aluminum router mounting plate, alumnínum fence, mounting hardwired and adjustable MDF face plates. With this type of router table, curved wood pieces can be routed. Another distinguishing feature of this type of router table which marks it out from other type of router table is its built-in cord wrap which makes it to be very portable. Users do not have to worry about post-cleanup work when working with this type of router table because it comes with dust collection port where dust and particles are trapped.

Floor standing router table

Another type of router table is the floor standing router table which is a large size of router table. Its size gives it an edge over small router tables. With this type of router table, mounting on the bench becomes very easy. Moreover, when routing or working with the router table, all your working materials and router bits can be kept together in the storage space that it comes with. With this arrangement, you don’t have to look for any of the tools you will need for work. Besides, they are within an easy reach giving you more time to do your work as you don’t have to leave your duty post in search of any material. The floor standing router is an option for people that do not have space in their workshop as it does not occupy much space. It is the ideal type of router table for inverted table routing. Some of its important features include dust outlet, lead in a pin for curved wooden pieces, feather boards and others.

Extension router table

If you are lacking space in your workshop but you want more enhanced woodworking experience, the extension router table may be an option for you. With this type of router table, you can mount your table saw on a side of the table using a deep top and standard fence. This is possible because the router table is extendable. It comes with a number of features which include the high split fence, wood frame, router fence, durable safety guard, measuring table, T-track slots, T-slot and others.